Employment Announcement (new)   12-22-2022

Hi-Am Charity Foundation has an open position for a Piano Instructor at its office located at 530 W Stocker St., # 307, Glendale, CA 91202.

The duties for this position are as follows: Instruct piano performance, history of music and piano, and music composition to students that sign up for foundation's piano classes. Perform piano at foundation's private fundraising events and public concerts, both individually and in conjunction with students. Compose music for students' performances during foundation's private events and public concerts. Collaborate with musicians contracted by the foundation to compose music involving different instruments. Travel will not be required.

Minimum Job Requirements: B.A. in Piano Performance or foreign equivalent. No training or experience required.

If interested in this position mail your resume to: Nshan Adjemian, Hi-Am Charity Foundation, 530 W Stocker St., # 307, Glendale, CA 91202 (interview and job site location).

Employment Announcement (expired)   12-03-2018

Hi-Am Charity Foundation has an open position of a Reporter at its office located at 530 W Stocker St., #307, Glendale, CA 91202. 25 months of experience required. No education or training required.

The duties for this position are as follows: Investigate news developments in the United States, Armenia, France and other European countries. Arrange in person and telephonic communications with people who can provide newsworthy information. Establish and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations in the community who are credible sources of information. Photograph or videotape community events, conduct interviews, and prepare narratives. Report news stories, relate the background, and describe details of events to the foundation's president for commentary and utilization in charitable activities, educational projects, as well as publication in online, print, and broadcast media through various televised shows and programs. Traveling will not be needed.

Apply by mailing your resume to Nshan Adjemian, Hi-Am Charity Foundation, 530 W Stocker St., #307, Glendale, CA 91202 (the job site and interview location).

Employment Announcement (expired)

Music Advisor needed

Job Duties:

 Implement the organization's musical and educational development projects through advising and counseling the foundation's donees, beneficiaries, counselees, and other interested individuals in the community, with the aim of presenting Armenian traditional music to the modern American society. Participate in community events and deliver group consultations on topics such as introduction to Armenian music, Armenian sacred music, traditional Armenian music and songs, including ethnic, folk, pop, and variety-jazz genres. Develop counseling activities helping the organization's different sections to nurture the Armenian Diaspora in the United States and to strengthen the Armenia-Diaspora links. Evaluate counselees' melodic abilities, advise on career opportunities in relevant music industries, and refer to programs based on interests, aptitudes, or educational assessments.

Minimum Job Requirements:

3 months of experience in the job offered, and

Bachelor’s degree, or an alternative, equivalent or foreign equivalent in music.

Email resume to or mail to Hi-Am Charity Foundation at 530 W Stocker St, #307, Glendale, CA 91202 (Tel: 818-395-1969).

Job Site and Interview:

Glendale, California

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